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Part 1: Before CNC Machines

 Tool sharpening like many other professions were a trade/skill. Occasionally we sharpen a tool manually to keep the skill. Even the best CNC will break down. #skills #toolsharpening #endmillsharpening #compressionendmill #sawbladesharpening #sawsharpening #carbidetooling #carbidesawsharpening #highspeedsteel 

Part 2: Before CNC Machines

Touching up the ends.

CT Flush trim from arrival to departure

Real time video of dirty & dull flush trim arriving, being sharpened and then dipped in wax. 

Annular cutter sharpening

Check out this great time lapse video of a annular cutter being sharpened 

4 Wing CT Hole cutter

Check out this super fast video of Leo sharpening a 4 wing carbide tipped hole cutter.